“They were loaded with chains and often other instruments of torture were added” Olaudah Equiano ex-slave, 1789 (museum display text, Wisbech & Fenland Museum/UK)

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Making a Difference Thomas Clarkson – Abolitionist 

A talk by Sabine Bürger | organised by Prof. Dr. Patricia Plummer, Chair of Postcolonial Studies, Duisburg-Essen University

Public talk: Thursday, 7 January 2016, 2 pm

Venue: Duisburg-Essen University, Bibliothekssaal (R09 T00 K18), Universitätsstr. 9-11, 45131 Essen

Display in the Art Library 7 January – 12 February 2016

The talk will be addressing the historic figure of Thomas Clarkson and his life-long struggle to end slave trade throughout the British Empire. Clarkson’s chest which accompanied him on his travels, containing evidence of the cruelty and immorality of the system, is today owned by the Wisbech & Fenland Museum and has been included in the British Museum's 'Teaching History with 100 Objects’ initiative that provides teachers in Britain with online resources for the history curriculum.

The talk is based on Great Expectations, Sabine Bürger’s film and photographic portrait of the Wisbech & Fenland Museum. 

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