Soma(2)_Moksha [2021]

The video is an investigation into the female self, using the artist’s own body. Situating itself in the tradition of feminist art, it addresses issues of identity and gender specificity, while employing the body as a canvas. 

This clip shows a 4:52 min. excerpt from Soma(2)_Moksha, video 12:07 min, no sound [2021].

Recently re-created as a 12-channel screening in public space ...

Soma2Moksha still1

Soma(2)_Moksha façade project, 12-channel video, 10:15 min, no sound, overall dimensions c. 12 x 24 meters. 

On view at EP7, 133 Av. de France, 75013 Paris (opposite la Bibliothèque nationale de France). 3-16 Sept 2021. At the invitation of KRAATZ

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