The cluster, the cell, the network and the rhizome: a group exhibition as a non-hierarchical constellation. Groups of artists, pairs of artists, and individual artists of widely differing ages, various nationalities, and employing a wide range of media, have been working together to create a fluid exhibition on cultural perceptions of nature; from apparently immediate experiences of it, through to its visual, textual, and musical abstraction. 

A concept by Tim Beeby & Sabine Bürger   

herman de vries (library of books carved from various woods)


    Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra & Sabine Bürger: Sinne op ‘e wangen (video)          Watch video >>>

Installation view: Tim Beeby (painting), Crawford/Guéneau (light installation, photography)

Crawford/Guéneau (photograph from the Uneasy Landscapes series)

Christoph Bauer & Tim Beeby: b&w poster, offset print

Kleefstra|Bakker|Kleefstra: live concert at the opening of the exhibition at Galerie Vayhinger (excerpt)


Jan Kleefstra & Sabine Bürger: 2 Verses for 2 Screens

© Sabine Bürger 2015